Night Ride: Andrew’s Porsche 911 (930)

Andrew’s Porsche has always been something of a unicorn, hidden away in some dark desolate corner of his garage. So when I made the outrageous request of him to drive it on a motorway, I was surprised to hear the simple response, “Sure”. Thinking fast, we ran out the door with our gear in hand to get as much of this car on camera as possible.

Upon arrival this Porsche 911 roared into the parking lot with Andrew at the helm sporting the largest grin I’ve ever seen on his face. Andrew’s passion for this car is clear at first glance, the smallest details on this car have all been restored to factory specification. Andrew miraculously was able to come across this car around 5 years ago in a less than perfect condition for a price no one could pass up. Over the years, he has restored his 911 with an almost compulsive attention to detail. This 911 has many interesting adjustments most people would miss that show it is still a driver’s car, like a rotated speedometer that is view able to the driver through the steering wheel while turning hard at high speeds.

This 911 is a true testament of the enthusiasm and passion Andrew has for his car. With a steady focus on building with quality parts and construction, it is evident that his 911 was nurtured with an honest affection, appreciation, and respect that only enthusiasts, like us, can understand.