Justin Nigro’s TE72 Toyota Corolla

Along with the iconic AE86, the TE72 Corolla has grown to become a very sought after and popular car to restore, race, or show at various car events around the world. With its simple body lines and compact stature, this variant on the fourth generation Corolla provides a refreshing canvas for enthusiasts to be creative. […]

Garage Autohero

There’s a sense of mystery and intrigue when it comes to a place like Garage Autohero. Proclaimed as one of the Pacific Northwest’s premier multipurpose performance shops, Garage Autohero has earned a massive reputation for building some of the most successful and well-known drift cars competing in various local and national events, most notably Formula […]

Dan Loe’s Nissan S13 Silvia

Working on one’s own car can present itself with a multitude of challenges, many of which we, as enthusiasts, are very familiar with. Stubborn nuts and bolts, injuries, lack of adequate tools, and a plethora of other complications, unfortunate situations, and mishaps can immediately halt work for the day and send a flurry of frustration […]

Daniel Reed’s Nissan S14

All projects are built towards a certain goal. Whether that goal is to wow the crowd at a standstill or blow by them in a powerful rush of smoke and sound, we all push towards creating something that satisfies our own personal needs. For Daniel, his beloved SR20-powered Nissan 240SX was built to be a […]